Aricha, Ethiopia

Aricha, Ethiopia

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We have two limited release Ethiopians this year! 

One washed one natural. Aricha is definitely one of my favourite coffees so far this year! A super citrusy clean cup with a lovely sweet finish. We've roasted this more for espresso but it is also amazing as a filter coffee. So a good omni coffee.

Producer: Haileselassie Ambaye Industrial plc

District: 8kms East of Yirgacheffe town

Village: Aricha

Process: Fully Washed 

Varietal: Heirloom Yirgacheffe

Altitude: 1850-1880msl

Flavour Notes: Lemon curd, sweet clementine, clean

Best for: Roasted for espresso but a great filter option too

Unfortunately, as the majority of coffee in Ethiopia is sold via region/town and through the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (EXC) we have limited detail on the farmers/smallholders. I am in comms with the producer/exporter who is sourcing more information for me.