Abid Clever Coffee Dripper
Abid Clever Coffee Dripper
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Abid Clever Coffee Dripper

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A quick, effective, no-hassle brew method, which is affordable and creates a delicious cup of clean coffee with no mess? LOOK NO FURTHER.

The Clever coffee dripper is great as it combines both immersion and pour-over/filter brew methods allowing you to create 1-2 cups of coffee at a time.

Unlike other pour-over methods, this dripper has a special little valve at the bottom allowing you to fully immerse the coffee in water. As soon as you wish to release the coffee in the dripper, simply plonk it on a cup/jug and the valve will open, this allows you to have maximum control over your extraction time, without messing with grind size etc.

For Roasters/ Home Cuppers

Introducing Clever COVID Coffee Cupping. Thanks to Shaun the Coffee Guy & Speciality Coffee Exchange, there is now a brand new way to cup coffee; Hygenic, socially distanced and no mess while in keeping with SCA cupping protocol! These Clever Coffee Drippers are the solution.

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Important Stuff

  • Made of durable BPA-free, heat-resistant plastic
  • Uses standard 1 x 4  coffee filters
  • ~500ml max capacity
  • Comes with a lid to retain heat during brewing
  • Plastic coaster included to place the dripper on after brewing
  • Comes with 100x filters


Brewing with a Clever Dripper

  1. Place your standard 1X4 paper in the device.
  2. Pre-wet the paper thoroughly.
  3. Place on your cup/server and drain water to preheat
  4. Place your coffee into the server, we like 30g coffee - 500ml water
  5. Pour water in ensuring all the coffee is saturated
  6. Wait for 3-4 minutes
  7. Place coffee dripper on cup/server and allow to drain, coffee should drain fully in 1-1:30min
  8. ENJOY