Kochere, Ethiopia

Kochere, Ethiopia

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We have two limited release Ethiopians this year! 

One washed one natural. Kochere is another cracker differeing in favour.  Funky, floral with notes of stewed fruits. This cup is beautiful and smooth especially in plunger coffee and can be enjoyed without milk.

Producer: Haileselassie Ambaye Industrial plc

Region: Southern Nations, Nationalities and peoples region

Village: Boji

District: Kochere

Process: Natural, dried on raised beds

Varietal: Heirloom Yirgacheffe

Altitude: 1790-1900msl

Flavour Notes: Stewed rhubarb, sweet cocoa, black tea

Best for: Filter Coffee

Unfortunately, as the majority of coffee in Ethiopia is sold via region/town and through the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (EXC) we have limited detail on the farmers/smallholders. I am in comms with the producer/exporter who is sourcing more information for me.